Really in it this morning.

It’s 8 AM Monday morning. I just cut off 20 cars across traffic running a red light coming into my office. Then I shouted at my dog because she wouldn’t come fast enough after I’d given her two minutes to pee before crossing the street into the office. This in spite of getting up early and spending an hour in hot yoga to cool my mind before starting the week.
Twenty20 @jojo_oh_jojo

Moments like this, I realize I’m not always aware of what’s really going on for me. Even after a very relaxing weekend with family and friends, I realize I’m carrying a lot of the anxiety and uncertainty from the last few weeks. We’ve had some major business challenges these past few weeks. And there was a major and sustained health scare in my family. I thought I was being pretty zen over the course of the few weeks, but I realize this morning there’s anxiety bubbling up that I don’t fully have my arms around.

So rather than diving into work this morning, I’m locked in one of our upstairs conference rooms for some meditation, writing, and journaling. Those are my own pathways into what’s really going on for me.

Putting this ‘check in’ out there into the world this morning because I’m feeling a little alone in my entrepreneurial journey this morning. I know I’m not, but it’s so easy to feel alone when we work in isolated offices staring at screens all day. Although I know I’m a part of a larger creator community, I have a hard time feeling that way; especially on the hard days. And today, so far, is a hard day. So this post is my small effort at connection from a place of difficulty.

Hope you’re finding a little green headspace for yourself today. If not, you’re in good company.