What If Developing Technology Isn't Enough?

You have a responsibility to direct it

As far as technology has taken us, and continues to carry us it’s become too much of a spectator sport. This doesn’t mean everyone needs to become a developer or start designing devices.

But what if we all have a responsibility to guide what technology becomes — and the role it plays in our lives?

In Prince Ea’s video “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?” he warns of digital insanity. It’s not as crazy of a thought as it might sound.

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity? by Prince Ea

This is why What If…? has resisted the urge to develop digitally instead physically. From the looks of it, there won't be a shortage of new tech anytime soon. But the role technology plays in our lives: what it means and how it’s used is a wide open space.

This space isn't just open; it’s critical.

News of wearable tech that will give humans superpowers and push the limits of immortality is exciting, but it’s only part of the story.

What If We All Had Superpowers? by Johnly Cummings

Unfortunately, it’s a story we're only consuming instead of writing.

What happens when we wake up in a world where the slow creep of this technology is also a world in which only those who can be stronger, healthier, and immortal are those who can afford it?

What if technology becomes the new medicine?

At what point does access to technology become a human right? What if we remain silent now, allowing only those who can afford this technology decide?

Yes, we're a culture of consumers; this doesn't mean we have to be voiceless consumers. A consumer without a voice is a target to be consumed.

What if the cycle of voiceless consumerism can stop here? What If…? doesn’t just initiate these conversations, it empowers groups to design actions to take. What if the stories of the future are written by the many rather than the few?

We’ll never find out without you.

Rather than committing the future of our world to those with a singular vision of getting as much out of us in the most efficient ways possible, what if we can form communities that are one step ahead of what we consume.

What if we can pre-purpose our products, not just pre-order them?

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