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Bloomberg Economics estimates there is a 53% chance the United States will start a recession in the next 12 months.

There are 4 major factors driving US economic uncertainty:

Whatever your opinion is about the state of the US economy, there is a high degree of market uncertainty across the world right now.

“In times of uncertainty, employees crave clarity…. Once you understand a particular challenge and outline the options, you have to be confident in making bold and optimistic decisions.” …

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What low-code means, why it is important, who the audience is, and common use cases

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What is low-code?

Here, “low-code” refers to a movement within technology. Let’s start with a simple definition of low-code.

Simply put: A visual tool that replaces some level of writing code

As simple as that definition is, there is a lot of confusion around low-code and what the term means.

Why is the term “low-code” confusing?

Because “low-code” can mean multiple things. Today, it is often used to describe one of the below:

  • Visual Tools or WYSIWYG features
    The term is often used to describe alternatives for solutions that traditionally require code. Natural language processing and similar technology can fall within this category too.
  • No-code
    Software that doesn’t require code to use or create within it. HTML and CSS can be required for styling. In Adalo, for example, you can create simple mobile and web applications without code. …


Navigating the murky waters of debating and selecting tech

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For the past ten years I’ve led software development teams. Some of the biggest debates I’ve been a part of involved the frameworks, languages, processes, and platforms used to create, deliver, and manage software.

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XKCD — Real Programmers

Why are frameworks, languages, processes, and platforms so important?

  • Craftspeople take pride in how a problem is solved, not just that they solved it. It is vital for developers to keep up with the modern practices.
  • Teams use these every single day. A good carpenter should care about the quality of their tools. A bad hammer can really hurt, or just be hard to use.
  • Developers want to have a meaningful voice in the tools they use. …


Matt Nigh

Tech leader in Seattle. I am focused around digital transformation and leading technology teams. www.mattnigh.net

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