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Should an Engineering Manager be technical?

I manage 16 developers — and in my current role I am responsible for enterprise data warehouses for analytics. That said:

  • I have never written code in any meaningful way
  • My background is agile Technical Project/Program Management

But am I technical? …

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So you have just become an Engineering Manager — congrats!

That said — being a new Engineering Manager can be overwhelming.
You have a lot of things to immediately start making progress on:

  • Letting those around you get to know you and acclimate to your style
  • Getting to know your…

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What is a User Persona?

User personas are fictional characters developed to help empathize, easily understand, and connect with users. They are often segmented in some way, by role for example, to illustrate different types/categories of users.

At the bottom of this article are links to the actual personas used by two organizations. …

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Your first day as a manager is exciting — meeting your team, fellow managers, and the leadership above you.

But — leaving an individual contributor role can be terrifying since many managers were promoted because they excelled as an individual performer.

Now you are responsible for an entire team’s performance…

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Developing great software architecture doesn’t mean much if it can’t be maintained over time.

Part of maintaining quality architecture requires an understanding of how the current architecture has evolved over time, and what the decisions, assumptions, and constraints at critical points in time.

This can be extremely challenging, as software…

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Bloomberg Economics estimates there is a 53% chance the United States will start a recession in the next 12 months.

There are 4 major factors driving US economic uncertainty:

I’ve led software engineers for the last ten years. I have mentored or promoted around a dozen developers to team lead, management, and leadership roles.

In my experience, there are a few common pitfalls with new managers.

Pitfall #1: Failing to treat management like a technical skill you must learn

As with software development — in management there are frameworks, practices, even languages…

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