Steps you need to take now to prepare your company and team

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There are 4 major factors driving US economic uncertainty:

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What low-code means, why it is important, who the audience is, and common use cases


Navigating the murky waters of debating and selecting tech

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And How to Get Over Them

Pitfall #1: Failing to treat management like a technical skill you must learn

An innovation framework for startups and mid-size companies

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How can you consistently innovate when you fail 95% of the time?

“Innovation is a bottoms-up, decentralized, and unpredictable thing, but that doesn’t mean it cannot…

Guide for Startups and Small Businesses

Create meaningful customer experiences without code

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Focusing on what really matters: personality traits

A Big Mistake

Google studied their teams to find out what makes them great

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“We were pretty confident that we’d find the perfect mix of individual traits and skills necessary for a stellar team — take one Rhodes Scholar, two extroverts, one engineer who rocks at AngularJS, and a PhD. Voila. Dream…

The next four years will remake software development.

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What is low-code development?

For Executives, Leaders, and Managers

Teaching people the skills of leadership

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Data Engineering @ UW Medicine, Analytics Development Manager, and Autism Advocate. Me:

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