Poem in Style of Dr. Seuss to Apologize to My EA for Being a Scheduling Curmudgeon

Although her help was endearing,

He had fleeting hearing,

And confronted his schedules

Of meetings then fearing

That the order was befargled,

Or skoopnixed or flummoxed,

And he’d forget all their names,

And look like a lummox.

“Relax, she said, “First up is Yu,”

“And then that’s followed

Quite swiftly by Hu.”

“So, of course you will know

What meetings you do.”

“I meet first, and then you don’t know about who?,”

He replied with a face both mottled and blue.

“And how will Yu know what meetings I do?,”

“Unless he hacked all of our mail,

In which case we’re screwed!”

“…Unless you’re meaning it’s logically true

That Yu *should* know what meetings ‘Yu do’…”

“No”, she rejoined, “Hu follows Yu,”

“And then you know what happens with Yu.”

“No, I *don’t* know who follows, you see!”,

He spluttered with confusion amusing to see,

“And quite frankly I don’t want folks following me!”

“Moreover ‘what happens with you’ sounds like a threat,”

“I assure you that who does that, their choice will regret!”

“No!”, she yelled, it’s ‘Y’-‘U’, you see?!?”

“It’s homophonic,” she added, contemplatively,

“So can we please get this done while your time is still free?!?”

“So Hu comes in first?” he asked tentatively…