ORDR Branding


This project was the next step for project 1 where researched problem of Paul getting distracted and forgetting food and drinks order when out with his friends. The next step was to decide on the branding and style for the app and produce a high fidelity prototype in Invision. Before I started the process I developed my low fidelity paper prototypes into low fidelity wireframes using Sketch.

The Process


The first step was to create some brand qualities for the app. I started the exercise by filling in a brand positioning worksheet so I could understand my brands personality. I then started researching and looking into the brand affinity and brand personality looking into which applicable qualities my brand could have whilst delving deeper into my brands personality.

Brand principles

I decided to name the app ‘ORDR’ as it reflected the purpose of the app whilst also showing that the app would help the user with memory issues keeping order in his social activities.

Mood boards

I developed mood boards which gave me a visual guide to a possible look and feel for the brand whilst developing a style guide. With this and the brand affinity mapping I was able to identify seven clear brand principles which I could start basing my design on.

Mood boards 1 & 2


1st Prototype

1st Prototype homepage

Using the initial findings I created my first design for the app. The design reflected the colours and imagery from my first mood board. I tested the design on several users and received feedback that although the design worked it didn’t reflect the brand principles I had developed. There were also several usability issues that needed resolving.

1st prototype can be viewed here

2nd Prototype

Based on the feedback from my first prototype I created a second mood board from which I developed a style guide for my next prototype. The design worked on the deign principles of simplicity and fun. I developed a set of guidelines that reflected the brand values and made the app more user friendly.

Style guide

2nd prototype can be viewed here

User testing prototype 2

The Outcome

After going through the problem step by step with my user in Project 1 I believe I progressed the initial project in a way the helps the user. After the initial paper prototype I have effective developed a brand around the app which reflects my users initial problem in a high fidelity clickable prototype.

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