Blog Post 4 (#3)

Before recent discrepancies, Stephen Curry always seemed to be a legitimate contender for one of the NBA “Greats”, however current stats coming into the second half of the 2016–17 NBA season show otherwise a more vulnerable Curry and a struggling Warriors team. After the KD injury just over a week ago, it is clear that Stephen Curry cannot step up for his team in the time of injury, and with the Warriors losing their last 5 out 7 games these last few weeks, it is clear that Curry has not put any thought yet into how he is going to step up for his team.

One thing hurting Curry at this time is his carelessness with the ball, almost matching turnovers to assists in recent games against the T-wolves putting up 6 turnovers, and against Boston with 4 turnovers. This is a huge difference in the Curry that should be present on the court. The “usual” Curry is an electrifying guard with some of the best handles ever seen in the NBA however he clearly is in a dilemma with himself. If Curry needs a pointer to start taking command again, he should eliminate his tendency to turn the ball over.

Even worse than the turnovers, Curry’s number one asset to his play style, the three pointer has not been there for him in recent games. In a week of basketball from March 3rd to the 10th, Curry has not even averaged over 40% from downtown. His worst shooting day being just 2 days ago against the T-wolves only making one three pointer out of 8 tries. Seems like the Curry who once made 12 threes in a game is nowhere to be found, which is especially a problem now that Kevin Durant their leading scorer is out indefinitely.

All of these stat changes are nowhere near a new thing for Stephen Curry. Steph was hit harder by these stat plumets during last year’s Finals appearance where Curry arguably had the worst MVP performance of any player in the finals. In an article for USA Today by Steven Ruiz he states that the “drop in his production and efficiency as the postseason progressed was more significant than even the most pessimistic fan would have expected” going from 30 points a game to a mediocre 22 points a game. In terms of explosiveness, that is a huge difference in scoring when you look back at the amazing regular season Curry had just recorded.

One idea that I have in mind outside of everyone else’s mindset is that Curry may not be as motivated to play as hard. My key word is “as” because I know that Curry is still a winner at the end of the day and he has amazing work ethic. Despite his talent and work ethic, Curry seems to be playing with a less intense attitude. This could be tied to the fact he has made a huge sacrifice in ball time with the new acquisition of KD, but it could also be due to the fact that he is a free agent at the end of the season and might possibly want to take his talents somewhere else, perhaps his hometown team the Charlotte Hornets where his father, Del Curry made it rain for years during his time as an NBA sharpshooter.

All in all, Curry is one of the most hard-working and talented players the league has ever seen, however to be named one of the greats means that you can step up and carry your team when facing adversity and Steph the Chef has not cooked up his recipe to achieve this level of greatness yet especially in recent games with no KD to help bail him out. With a lot of basketball to be played still this season including playoffs, we will see how the Baby-faced assassin can climb out of this dilemma or climb deeper in.