Habit Formation is to Resolutions as Wisdom is to Common Sense

It’s that traditional time of year again. New Year’s Resolutions. And maybe it’s too normal to be weird and effective. How many promises do we actually keep? If wisdom is common sense in a highly uncommon degree, then what is the equivalent of wisdom regarding New Year’s Resolutions?

I think they’re habit sprints. I’ll be exploring and experimenting with that starting today with daily writing on here.

Leo Babuata’s Zen Habits Method is currently on my mind: http://zenhabits.net/zh2015/

Resolving is bringing your actions from dissonance into consonance. You push through barriers (and there are so many) to efficient habit formation. Sure, there are challenges and unnoticed occurrences and interrupted routines, but your awareness and acceptance of what happens in the present moment enables you to take action, adapt, and enjoy the journey of slow change.

As Alan Watts loves to say, “You drift like a cloud and flow like water.”

What promises are you making to yourself for 2018?

Also, what word would you use to sum up 2017 and hope to say at the end of 2018?

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