If you want people to become passionate, engaged in a field, transformed by an experience — you don’t test them, you don’t lecture them and you don’t force them. Instead, you create an environment where willing, caring individuals can find an experience that changes them.
“Will this be on the test?”
Seth Godin

Wonderful and challenging thoughts, Seth! I love it! Recently reminded of Ken Robinson’s TED video on Changing Education Paradigms. Do you think it is more important now to create a more aesthetic and engaging experience than simply providing tools and resources, since that is now easy to do? Do you think schools are falling behind in creating engaging experiences? I’m recalling the handful of teachers I had that really created engaging and dynamic classroom experiences despite some tests, quizzes, and other traditional methods. I remember those teachers most that enrolled me.

What factors of creating an engaging experience do you think are most common both online and in the classroom, not in the traditional lecture format? You do outline lots of them here and I recognize them from my great teachers. Loved your online leadership workshop.

My worry is that learning in terms of an engaging experience may be overtaking the engagement level of experiences that are created by most schools. Teachers are boxed in in terms of creativity and students are boxed in too. It’s an out-dated system and learning outside of school may be growing faster because it provides a better learning experience. This is all conjecture.

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