Majid Jordan — A Place Like This EP

Majid Jordan, who is best known for their production on 2x Platinum single, “Hold On We’re Going Home” by OVO’s finest, Drake, has put out an EP under the title, “A Place Like This”. The Toronto-based duo is signed under OVO records which consist of similar acts including, PARTYNEXTDOOR and OB O’Brien. Majid Jordan have previously delivered a project in 2012, “Afterhours” under the name, Good People which they’ve consummated a chill and relaxed sound. With the support of Drake and OVO Records, A Place Like This is certainly getting the attention needed with dilligence work delievered.

A Place Like This, is exactly what R&B needs today. Upon first listen, you are greeted with a storyline of disfunctional love and character that forces listeners to open up a lovesick persona. Majid Jordan discusses the bittersweet affection of love they’re experiencing with on single, “Her”. Heartfelt texts including, “I got her, in the palm of, my hand. She knows I love her. I got her, thought I lost her, again.”. As emotions are racing throughout the song, Majid Jordan completes to tell the disapprearance of “Her”: “But life’s so quick, sometimes. Just blinking you might miss it when you close, your eyes”. To conclude the song with a repetitive jingle of an outro, you hear the intimacy Majid has with his signicant other and is glad they’ve made it this far.

With the depressing tone of Majid Jordan on single, “U”, it is evident that there is an emotional drift summoned throughout his love life. You will notice Majid Jordan’s monotoned voice in lyrics, “Black cloud over my bed. There’s no use trying to pretend. I’m losing myself again. I’m not feeling a hundred percent.” A black cloud is used to portray the negative emotions and dullness that he’s currently experiencing. Majid follows up with saying that he’s not feeling a hundred percent hence why he is still flooded with depression in his bed. “I cared for you, when no one did. I swear to you, when no one did. I dare for you, when no one did. I swear to you, I still do (still do).” The duo generates a thoughtful message describing the betrayal “she” left Majid upon her disapperance. Majid is racing with emotions with self awareness that he has lost her mentioning the melting memories and the broken connection he has received.

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