When you go to your software development job every day for New Software, Inc. and sit at your cubicle (pre-COVID, of course) and think about your performance and skill level, what thoughts pass through your meaty mind?

Are you this person?


“You know, I’m really quite skilled and I know exactly how to solve the problems that I am faced with. I’m comfortable where I’m at and my training and experiences to this point have been appropriate and beneficial. I look forward to learning more about new things.”

Perhaps this one?


“Hmmm, I think I can tackle this problem and, if I find that I can’t, I’ll consult with my lead. I likely need a more training and I’m not as experienced as I like, but it will come with time. I enjoy hearing about and sharing the projects of my peers.” …


Matt Parish

I am a game developer and designer focused on creating games that engage, enlighten, and enchant players across the globe.

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