Hi Matt Paulding … I’m all for bipartisanship, and am far more collaborative than I may appear on…
Todd Flora

I don’t want to be negative either. I’m over the bullshit. I quit Facebook because all it is is people arguing about politics. Can’t we sit down and discuss things respectfully without insulting people? I’m talking in general, not you. And yes, there are trolls on some of these posts. But I also see people respectfully making smart counter arguments that are just plain ignored or dismissed. Political beliefs are just that, beliefs. No one is right or wrong. In 2008, I voted for Obama despite being registered Republican. I had high hopes and I was greatly disappointed. In 2016 I voted for Trump. Trust me, if he does a shitty job I’ll be the first to admit it. It’s just crazy to me how people think that this country is going to go through some radical change. Not much is going to change when he becomes president.

I’ve told many people throughout the election my opinions of Trump. One of these opinions has to do with Trump, the person. Considering the accusations of sexual assault and the awful “grab them by the pussy” line, I don’t think Donald Trump is necessarily a great person. He can be a loudmouth jackass. A complete asshole. A piece of shit. Honestly, I barely care. I’m not electing Trump to be my dad. I’m electing him to lead the country. I want someone who has my best interests in mind. If I believed that Donald Trump was going to deport legal American citizens because of race or color, believe me I’d tell him to fuck off myself. My rambling point is that I don’t need Donald Trump to be a great guy; I need him to be a great president. Maybe he’ll be the worst president ever. But I’m going to give him a chance, just like I gave Obama. Unfortunately, many people are rooting for him to fail because they don’t like him personally. And thats the saddest part of all.

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