Hey conservatives — don’t just bag on Obamacare.
Todd Flora

Todd Flora, I see your comments all the time on these political pieces and all they do is promote “us vs them”. The first comment on the article answered your question. A lot of us don’t know what the right answer is in regards to health care in America, but we don’t act like we do. The pompous arrogance of the Ringer staff is beyond appalling. I’m all for differing viewpoints, this is America. But every political piece on this site not only promotes liberal views, it condemns people that don’t agree. I want to work together. I want this country to shut the fuck up in regards to left vs right, democrat Vs republican. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the fucking problem.

The Ringer staff talks constantly about how great Obama is and how awful Trump is. Newsflash: many Americans believe Obama has been an awful president. I voted for him in 2008 and it is one of my biggest regrets.

I have a job in customer service where people ask questions about Obamacare. Most of the people I talk to hate it. I’ve had people call in who lost jobs because their employer couldn’t afford the healthcare for their employees due to Obamacare. None of this gets mentioned by the Ringer. I have a journalism degree and it’s funny to think back about my college years and remember classes about ethics and being fair and unbiased when it comes to reporting the news. What a bunch of crap. Everyone in the media is biased. And everyone wants to force their beliefs on everyone else.

Most of all, I detest the arrogance being displayed on this site. I’d like to read things to stay informed and learn more about these issues. But the political articles on The Ringer leave me feeling annoyed and angry. You can get your viewpoint across without insulting half your audience. You were wrong about the election and you will be wrong about many other things. Maybe it’s time to take a look at the bigger picture. Leave your enormous egos at the door and work with us. Trump won the election. He is my president for the next 4 years. He is your president for the next 4 years. What good does it do to incessantly rip him? He has his issues, clearly. But to solely focus on that while blindly pledging allegiance to Obama and Hillary does a disservice to this country. Some people out there know nothing about politics. Some of those same people would like to get informed. But how can they when they read crap like this? You are more interested in pushing your beliefs than being fair and factually accurate. Why don’t we give people the truth and let them decide? This country is fucked and it’s people like the Ringer staff who are making sure it stays that way.

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