Being infertile doesn’t change your gender.
Austin Glass

You’re doing some serious doublethink on this post.

“If we cannot agree on things as a society that are objectively true then what truths will even exist going forward?” Let’s start here. This is the same argument used by the Church for why the sun had to revolve around the earth. The universe doesn’t care about your feelings, so appeals to norms aren’t really helpful here.

“The point is that objectively and scientifically speaking there are two sex/genders.” This is not true, objectively. We have data on this. Samy has already linked you to a number of articles, but this twitter thread is also pretty enlightening. 
It’s specifically on how the idea of 2 sexes (not even genders, but sexes) *does not work* scientifically. Until you do the required reading on this subject, please do not attempt to post on behalf of the scientific community.

“Though if there was an alien species studying us and reporting back their findings they would say that there are two genders.” This is pretty much what the scientific community is supposed to be, a neutral group of observers. Please see above for their consensus. Here are some great resources on the subject:

“Normally speaking we teach people to be ok with themselves as they are. Yet on this subject we demand that everyone in society take the opposite approach.” As has been pointed out above, transgender people really are the gender they claim. I’m really quite curious what your opinion on depression and other mental health conditions are. Would you tell someone who is depressed that what they are experiencing is not real? What about someone with a broken arm? Or someone with cancer? This is not to say that being transgender is anything other than normal and healthy, but I’m really curious why this is the particular medical reality you are choosing to deny.

“The suicide rates of the people involved suggest that this isn’t working and that it isn’t fooling the person in the mirror which is the most important one.” High suicide rates are due to the treatment transgender people receive in the society they live in. Here’s a study for that: Another study by one of the same researchers showed that accepting trans kids from a young age lowers their risk of mental health conditions to that of average kids in their community. This is a good thing, this can be fixed!

“There is a certain religious zeal in which this subject is being approached currently. Such zeal can often blind people to the truth and make objectivity difficult.” I totally agree with you here. We’ve posted numerous studies and articles showing the existence of genders outside the binary. So why do you persist in your faith that there must only be two? I think there is something here which is blinding your objectivity on this subject, and it’s probably your upbringing. Almost everyone growing up was taught there were only men and women, and we based our view of the world on that. Just like people were brought up to think that the sun and the planets revolve around the sun. It’s a hard thing to accept that what you thought was true was the result of imperfect understanding, and that’s fine. That’s normal. What’s not okay, is to waste your time and energy trying to fight that better understanding. Especially when the result of that thinking is getting people hurt. It’s okay, man. You can get past this. Join us, and accept that the earth still travels around the sun. And always has.