31 Days of Halloween: Day 21 — PARANORMAN (2012)

Teaser poster for Paranorman (2012)

What is it?

Paranorman is a stop-motion family animation about Norman, a boy who can communicate with the dead, which makes him extremely unpopular at school and an easy target for bullies. On the town’s anniversary, Norman becomes involved in a plot which sees a centuries old curse bring the dead back to life. It’s then up to Norman and a band of unlikely heroes to save the day and return to the town to some semblance of normality. From the creators of Coraline (2009).

Why should I watch it?

As well as being a very enjoyable film in its own right, Paranorman is a loving homage to horror films in general. There’s references galore for adults to spot, and a clear adoration for the genre. Kids will love the frights along the way, while everyone else will find themselves becoming surprisingly involved with both the characters and the inspired story. There may even be a few tears if you’re of that disposition.

When should I hide behind the couch?

There’s more than a few cute little jump scares to keep the kids laughing along, but the finale is a real scene stealer in the effects department. Both sweet and scary, make sure Paranorman is on your Halloween list if you’re after something feelgood following on from everything else I’ve mentioned in the last 20 days!

Still from Paranorman (2012)
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