31 Days of Halloween: Day 26 — SAW VI (2009)

US Teaser poster for Saw VI (2009)

What is it?

The sixth installment in the highest grossing horror franchise of all time sees the series take aim at the US healthcare system in a very novel shake-up of the Saw formula. The games being played this time around all have a vein of black humour to them which brings a nice visual flourish to the proceedings. There’s a lot of meaty subtext going on in this chapter which offers plenty to chew on when compared to the other films, which is why this one is still my favourite of the eight.

Why should I watch it?

If you like your gore with a splash of social commentary then you’ll find this ride very enjoyable. If you don’t, then there’s always the option of complaining about why you don’t on Twitter. If you’re going to have a pleasure this guilty, then fully embrace it. This is a series you have to give yourself over to, and for those who can, the rewards are plentiful.

When should I hide behind the couch?

Got to love the carousel trap. I think this one is the franchise high-point in terms of creative ways to dispatch the countless nameless so-and-so’s that find themselves in these terrible predicaments. You can’t keep a good doll down, it seems.

Still from Saw VI (2009)