An Open Letter to Those Lost Days We Needed Back

Dear Lost Days,

Where have you gone? One moment, you were sitting there with that annoying rooster and the sun, urging me to seize… well, you. I leave to go put my fun socks on with my big boy boots and by the time I’m back and you’re replaced by you’re other half, Night.

Now, I am not neglecting the fact that it takes two of you to make the world go round. Night has her own characteristics that make her appealing. For instance, she lets us have fun bonfires and lets us see the stars and the moon better than you ever could. However, there just seems to be something just boring about her. We an only have bonfires and watch the stars for so long before we go to sleep.

You, on the other hand, are the fun sister. You keep us up all day and give us the light we need to get out and get the job done, whether in the office or enjoying the beach. However, when you cut our time short, you leave us, busy humans, with plenty of work to catch up on the next day.

After all, there are only 365 of you in a year and we need every last one of you to make it to the next year. Maybe in the future, you can give us a warning so we know to work harder the day before and maybe get ahead. So when you decide to visit our friends in Asia, or wherever you go, we aren’t caught behind in the darkness of night.

I’ll see you soon, probably within the next 12 hours actually.

-Matt P.

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