Trusting Medium’s Curation

As far as I can tell, my “For you” feed is now weighted more toward writers I’ve connected with in the past than it was previously. If I used Medium as a social outlet (e.g., there were people I liked talking to regularly, regardless of topic), this would probably be appealing, but, in my case at least, the circumstance that I’ve hearted or responded to a number of the same person’s stories in the past, or vice versa, is not necessarily a good indicator of whether I want to read all their stories and comments in the future. And boy can my feed get bloated with comments when someone I follow is highly active (usually when they are responding to responses on one of their own stories).

Sometimes I think to check the other sections, or my eye wanders over to the sidebar, but more often lately I think I just scroll down until I see stories I’ve seen before, and close the tab.