A non-statistical analysis of the improbable quantity of words on a Medium feed versus their actual…

I like how you wrote a title for this piece to force the values you hold to be reflected in the feed.

I also struggle with how Medium’s (current?) design rewards a certain homogeneity of content presentation decisions. Yes, Medium does a fantastic job of making articles with pithy headlines, subheds, and images look good. But sometimes that is not what I (and others, I suspect) want. For example, for the last piece I wrote, I had no desire for it to look polished or professional at all (this is mainly reflected in my deliberately not including an image anywhere), but would have loved more options and control over what was included in the feed (or in a teaser).

Thinking about how the presentation of story teasers in the feed relates to the textual content of each story is very interesting and seems worth pursuing further to me, too.