I enjoy the messiness of Medium.

If you mean, hit publish on everything, oh boy do I disagree (respectfully). Please, creators, publish if you think something is good, or if just some part of it is good. But do not publish just for the sake of publishing. You are the first line in the sorting and filtering that will help your gems surface. Granted, it is hard for all of us to learn how to simultaneously exercise both confidence and taste when considering our own work. In the meantime, do whatever it takes to keep creating, yes. It is OK to publish some dreck — no judgment here. (Lord knows everyone who’s lived since Blogger existed has done it, including me.) But don’t aspire to publish everything just in case Gutbloom finds it and prizes it over anything by Anthony Lane or John McPhee. Aspire to incorporate self-assessment into your process without losing inspiration and motivation, and when something you try doesn’t work, don’t stop, but let it go and move on. [I’m gonna go hit publish now, see you next time.]

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