How to Sell in a cluttered world

Times Square, New York

There is no doubt that we live in a world were we are marketed and sold to on a daily bases, whether it’s subtle influences on your Facebook timeline or just a straight up cold call trying to up sell or cross sell you into a new policy. As Gary Vaynerchuk likes to say, “marketers ruin everything” and he is so correct, marketers will wrap you in a candy coated wonderland, until you suffocate to death and didn't even know you were about to die. Consumers are becoming more aware and penny wise in the market place, they’re spoiled for choice and with one search on google can become knowledgeable on any product or service available. This begs the question “how do I sell in a cluttered world?”. After 10 years of experience in B2B and B2C, I’m a true believer that building a relationship with a potential client, in today’s market place, comes down to three basic factors.


Sounds easy right? if you want to build trust, then be trustworthy. Lets be honest with ourselves here, we live in a dishonest world and its time to check ourselves and start being more honest with our clients (no more fake it till we make it). The quickest way to build trust, is through knowledge. Know your industry inside and out, never stop learning about your industry and offer your client value through insight as to why your product or service will positively influence their lives. If you finally are able to arrange a phone call or meeting with a client, respect the time they have given, because time is the most previous commodity that a business professional can give you. The most difficult part of sales is to LISTEN! Listen to your clients intently, listen to their feedback and comments. By staying quiet and being truly attentive, you will be able to understand your clients more deeply and connect with them quicker. Walter Rogers wrote a great blog post on the 10 keys to building trust and credibility with your customers


Relevance in a cluttered world is key to winning the macro game. With so much choice, gaining relevance and keeping yourself relevant will trigger your target market to put you in the “need” box as apposed to the “not right now” box. Sometimes being a business with a niche product and services is better than being generic in a competitive world. It is better to sell well to few and build a loyal customer base. Innovate within your lane.


Price points are not always the value your customers are looking for. Yes it may be the tipping point that converts them into a client, but the market is scrutinizing businesses on how much value you can add to their lives. We live in a knowledge based economy, and the more knowledge you can offer the more attention you can gain. Attention equals being top of mind and when you lead your target audience through an attention driven journey you are able to differentiate yourself from the clutter of competitors. knowledge value gain be given in many different forms, Bloggs, Vloggs, podcasts, eBooks, etc, choose a medium that works for you and just start adding value. Victor Antonio says that insight is the first step to adding value over your competitors.