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Here it is, my obligatory first blog post 🎉. Hey! I’m Matt Phillips an Open Source Software Engineer from London 🏙

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I started out coding as a teenager making classics like pong 🏓 and then moved onto study 📖 Computer Science 🔬 at the University of Nottingham. I’ve experienced working at big corps like BT and HSBC and smaller companies with <20 developers. I recently moved into contracting and love the variety of new roles and freedom to spend time working on OSS.

I primarily write JavaScript, with React, GraphQL and Node being three of my favourite tools at the moment. I am a keen functional programer and am always finding ways to use FP in JS 🙂

As with everyone my to-do list is always growing — there never seems to be enough time to learn and play with new tech. I pride myself on writing tested code that you can reason about (yes ReasonML is on my to-do list 😝) and helping others learn.

I’ve been contributing to open source software for about a year now and it’s been a fun ride 🎢. I’d definitely recommend everyone gets involved, it’s a really great feeling knowing your work helped others!

👀 Check out my OSS projects, please download ⬇️, star ⭐️, raise issues 🚨 and send pull requests 🥇

You can find me online at: Twitter, GitHub and

Don’t forget to follow me on Medium where I’ll be sharing tutorials, open source work and my thoughts and ideas.

Come say hi! 👋

Oh I’m also an aspiring filtered ☕️ brewer please send me some tips if you have them 🙌

Software Engineer | Aspiring coffee brewer | Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man

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