const about = () => 'Matt Phillips'

Here it is, my obligatory first blog post 🎉. Hey! I’m Matt Phillips an Open Source Software Engineer from London 🏙

I started out coding as a teenager making classics like pong 🏓 and then moved onto study 📖 Computer Science 🔬 at the University of Nottingham. I’ve experienced working at big corps like BT and HSBC and smaller companies with <20 developers. I recently moved into contracting and love the variety of new roles and freedom to spend time working on OSS.

I primarily write JavaScript, with React, GraphQL and Node being three of my favourite tools at the moment. I am a keen functional programer and am always finding ways to use FP in JS 🙂

As with everyone my to-do list is always growing — there never seems to be enough time to learn and play with new tech. I pride myself on writing tested code that you can reason about (yes ReasonML is on my to-do list 😝) and helping others learn.

I’ve been contributing to open source software for about a year now and it’s been a fun ride 🎢. I’d definitely recommend everyone gets involved, it’s a really great feeling knowing your work helped others!

👀 Check out my OSS projects, please download ⬇️, star ⭐️, raise issues 🚨 and send pull requests 🥇

Babel plugin that adds safety to your Jest tests by verifying assertions are actually ran

Babel plugin to log a function’s entire scope, including function: signature, parameters, variables, return value and parent script scope

Deep diff two objects, including nested structures of arrays and objects, to find any differences while persisting the data structure's shape

Parameterised testing library for Jest to run the same test multiple times with different data

You can find me online at: Twitter, GitHub and

Don’t forget to follow me on Medium where I’ll be sharing tutorials, open source work and my thoughts and ideas.

Come say hi! 👋

Oh I’m also an aspiring filtered ☕️ brewer please send me some tips if you have them 🙌

Software Engineer | Aspiring coffee brewer | Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man

Software Engineer | Aspiring coffee brewer | Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man