• Buse Genc

    Buse Genc

  • anchnk


    about:me / about:us (dev, music, visuals, words)

  • Maysam Torabi

    Maysam Torabi

    Software Craftsman

  • Liran Tal

    Liran Tal

    🥑Developer Advocate @snyksec | @NodeJS Security WG | 🛰️ @jsheroes ambassador | Author of Essential Node.js Security | ❤️ #opensource #web ☕🍕🎸

  • David Jensen

    David Jensen

    Husband, father, geek, Gooner, music afficinado. VP Engineering @ Photobox I like solving problems whilst delivering value using technology.

  • Darren Beukes

    Darren Beukes

  • Brenda-shop-blog


    I’m Brenda from United States. I like sharing reviews about top products from Amazon.

  • Fi Sibil

    Fi Sibil

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