In computer science, a stack is a data structure, and one of the abstract data types. Specifically, it’s a type of collection (meaning a list of items, similar to an array). What makes a stack distinct is that it’s constrained by specific rules governing how items can be added and removed.

A stack only allows items to be added to, or removed from, one end of the list (the top of the stack). This is known as Last In, First Out. Items are added with a push() operation and removed with a pop() operation.

Think of it like a stack…

Photo credit: crises_crs via Flickr

They grab breaking news at lightning speed. They flit around correcting strangers’ grammar. They spit out nuggets of nonsensical yet weirdly fascinating gibberish.

These days, it seems like Twitter bots are taking over the world, serving up lots of weird, obscure, and mashed-together bits of information, and letting any Twitter user perform all kinds of tasks with a simple @-reply.

But for a beginning programmer looking to build one, it can be hard to know where to get started. There are some great tools for building simple bots, but as they’re built for non-programmers, their functionality is inherently limited. …

Matt Popovich

Software engineer

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