Facebook Announces Support for 360* Virtual Reality Videos in the News Feed

Virtual reality is the natural evolution of sharing experiences.

In the beginning of Facebook you just shared text, then you shared photos, then videos, and soon you will be able to share and experience virtual reality experiences directly in the news feed.

This is amazing.

In the middle of 2014 Facebook purchased Oculus, the virtual reality pioneers, for a cool $2 billion. Immediately after this the Oculus community got scared. Was Facebook going to ruin the magic of Oculus? Were they going to stunt the growth of virtual reality because of their own agenda?

No. Facebook is helping bring the world to the metaverse.

I think today skeptics can feel confident that Facebook is not only adding value, but is on the forefront pushing virtual reality into mainstream.

I’m really excited for the future of virtual reality.

Virtual reality is going to be used for education, therapy, empathy training, data manipulation, travel, gaming, entertainment, and more. Aside from bitcoin, virtual reality is one of the most futuristic technologies that is on the brink of changing the world.

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