How to Unhijack Your Mind from Your Phone
Tristan Harris

Thank you for a poignant article, aligning with a new cultural shift in reaction to our growing choice fatigue. Sharing my additional tips, which I use everyday to benefit my focus :

  1. Use IOS setting Restrictions to block all bottomless attention seeking iOS apps : Safari, News, Adding email accounts, social media logins. (As an extreme, get a friend to choose your Restrictions PIN, to prevent temptation for sneak peeks)

2. To prevent sneaky peeking on your mobile, set complex passwords for work email accounts and social media. Only install on non portable devices.

3. To avoid the seductive candy wrapper effect, use Settings > General > Accesibility > Greyscale

4. Listen only to radio and podcasts, allow DJs become your music curator, avoid choice fatigue of 1billion songs in your pocket.

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