From Wonderings to Words — Week 12

This is the twelfth week of my embarkment on writing a new novel. Here’s how it went:

Day 1

  • About 400 words today.
  • Thank God for Daylight Savings.
  • I feel the book picking up speed now — its progression kicked off by the fact that I did just finish writing a very harrowing scene for one of the characters.
  • In sort of related news, I have booked in to see the Hanya Yanagihara seminar at the Sydney Writing Festival. Excited!

Day 2

  • Another 600 or so words — nothing major to report.

Day 3

  • I think I’ve found, in more certain terms, my voice as a writer.
  • To the above point, hopefully people don’t think it’s a bad voice, as they’re the people I’m writing it for.
  • Although to the above point again, I enjoy the writing as a hobby, but it would be good if it is enjoyed by people, whether they be few or many.
  • I smashed out about 800 words today — the story is really flowing now.

Day 4

  • Progressing well, nothing much to report.
  • I feel like I’ve finally found my focus for the novel — it’s almost as if there isn’t one or two main characters, but three — grandmother, daughter, grandson. Three generations worth.

Day 5

  • A bit slower today; my mind was all over the place.
  • That probably has to do with an upcoming showcase at work.
  • Despite this, I managed to plug out around 300 words. Nothing impressive, but it’s something.

Day 6 & 7

  • Inspiration nor motivation, I find, happens with a big weekend on the piss.
  • I wonder if other writers have had this same problem.

Matt Querzoli is into week twelve of writing his new novel, and this is how he went each day. Pray for the man. Follow his writing blog, his letters to strangers blog or his blog blog if you liked the post, or even the bloke himself if this tickled your proverbial pickle.

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