From Wonderings to Words — Week 2

This is the second week of my embarkment on writing a new novel. Here’s how it went:

Day 1

  • Well, this day wasn’t too productive. As you’ll find with me, going out partying the night beforehand is great until you wake up late, procrastinate and don’t start writing until 6pm.
  • I don’t know how quality the writing is, but we’ll see at the end when I revise the book.
  • Drank lots of tea today. Carn the tea.
  • It’s raining and pretty miserable here in Sydney-town. This would be great if I was currently writing a tragic scene, but unfortunatley I’m not.

Day 2

  • It’s Australia Day!
  • All the above meant for writing was that I had to get up early — due to later party commitments.
  • Hit my stride about half an hour in — it’s interesting to see what days I get almost straight into it and others that take longer. Hopefully I’ll eventually be able to figure out the reasons behind it and eliminate lots of the wasted writing time.
  • Current word count at 7994. Why stop here? I’m a master of my own destiny, thank you very much.

Day 3

  • 9214 words!
  • Building up to a climactic end-of-chapter — I want to keep writing but I don’t want to burn out.
  • I didn’t wake up early today — worked late last night (Happy Australia Day, mate!)
  • I feel as though I need to read over the chapter, that I might need to beef it up at a later date, but I’m trying to refrain from doing that as it’s just another form of procrastination at this stage.

Day 4

  • Slow day, didn’t get to writing before work, and was pretty tired after work. The juices just weren’t flowing.
  • Did another 400 words.

Day 5

  • WHAT A CRACKER OF A DAY! Smashed out around 1,600 words to finish the chapter and round it off at a little over 11,000 words total.
  • It’s a big turnaround from yesterday, but I managed to get myself up early again — maybe that’s the reason?
  • I think also seeing the end of the chapter in sight spurned me onto greater heights.

Day 6

  • How about it, it’s finally sunny again.
  • Up to 12,330 words.
  • Awaiting someone to get back to me about questions I have about a particular migrant centre in Australia. Part of the novel will be based there, so I need some information because there’s shit all online.

Day 7

  • Another week rolls by — with another 400 words today.
  • I didn’t write much due to work last night finishing in the AM and work this morning also starting in the AM. I might be able to get some more done tonight though.
  • I’m at the stage in the second chapter where there is so much I could write about the situation the characters find themselves in, yet I need to be careful not to bloat it with events — some that have no bearing on the overall themes and storyline (although it is quite tempting).
  • Another week begins tomorrow! Plans for over 20K by the end of it.

Matt Querzoli is into week two of writing his new novel, and this is how he went each day. Pray for the man. Follow his writing or his letters to strangers blog if you liked the post, or even the bloke himself if this tickled your proverbial pickle.

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