From Wonderings to Words — Week 20

This is the twentieth week from my embarkment on writing a new novel. Here’s how it went:

Day 1

  • 350 words today.
  • Bloody hell — got to get to bed sooner.
  • Also would like heating in the entire house.

Day 2

  • 600 words today.
  • On a roll.
  • Going to try and not use the laptop before going to bed. I read last night and feel great this morning.
  • Tactics, mate!

Day 3

  • 400 words, on this fine, wet morning.

Day 4

  • About 500 words.

Day 5, 6 & 7

  • Man oh man, nothing on these days.
  • I will suitably punish myself.
  • Not really.
  • I’ll just write more next week.

Matt Querzoli is into week twenty of writing his new novel, and this is how he went each day. Pray for the man. Follow his writing blog, his letters to strangers blog or his blog blog if you liked the post, or even the bloke himself if this tickled your proverbial pickle.

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