M.G. Siegler

It doesn’t look pretty and I can see it annoying people like it has you M.G. Siegler, but feel like you can still FB Message people mostly the same as before without DAY getting in your way. When FB introduces stories to its main app, that’s where the bigger issue will be imo. Will people care to post or view stories in main fb AND fb day AND IG or even just the 1st 2? Facebook doesn’t care as long as it’s keeping you on one of their platforms.

I think it’s a completely sound move to add STORIES in all the places, but it didn’t really make sense in IG to begin with when you think about what IG is. It’s a place where people post super edited & creative photos. FB wants it to be a 2nd fb really.. so will this all backfire? Time will tell.

Once Twitter and Google/Youtube enter this STORIES idea.. things will be messy AF.

2017: Stories vs. News Feeds …do people have time for both? do they care about both?