Vloggers gonna Vlog [update]

Hey there Mediums and other psychics!

Vlogging has taken off big time and the shooting vs the editing vs the CONTENT is a challenge. How do you keep it new & fresh? I’ve taken on entering my own Vlog Entries with a focus on the entertaining aspect vs the beautiful drone footage [don’t have my own personal Mavic Pro yet, I know tear].

Here’s the very first one I made on my last birthday to start things off:

Here’s my most recent one which is all through Snapchat Spectacles:

Here’s the one that the MOST “people” have viewed to date, not nec. the best one lol:

Here’s the one with the Most Thumbs Ups being smashed, again not nec. the best:

In a world, where social [content] is first for me and my mind is thinking about long term video projects that take months, even years to finish.. the in-between gets trickier and more time consuming than time that I actually have. We’re living in that right now world and many prefer RN to something “beautiful”. I appreciate all forms b/c expression is what’s beautiful whether it be well edited or messy AF! What’s your opinion on the vlogging world and which Vloggers do you LOVE?

Enjoy these vids! I think another story platform launched while you were reading this UPDATE b/c more & more INSTANT STORY platforms emerge by the msec!

Snapchat → IG Stories → FB Messenger Day [eventually I think people will use it b/c it cannot be ignored — insert glenn close fatal attraction GIF here] → Main FB Stories

Google/Youtube can’t just sit back and watch or can they? Twitter? Musical.ly? Apple? Microsoft? YourMomInc?

Just an update update while I drink COFFEE on this SPRING FORWARD morni.. afternoon! Even in a Medium Post, SPRING is messing with me!

Damn SPRING! Back at it again with losing an hour!

Gotta love that MORE SNOW, up to 2 feet is on its way and we won’t get JON SNOW until actual Summer. OH, Alanis Morissette, the irony (I bet you get tagged like this here, WAYYYYYYYY 2 mucho, so you’re welcome and I won’t ask you about you know who in that one song b/c wait 2 late baby, now it’s 2 late!).

And to finish up, Carpe Diem, Live the best moments ever and this one time in adult camp, I made a movie → Grab some popcorn, kids and older kids:

Brooklyn Film Fest

Continue being AWESOMESAUCE!