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No go on Romo

It looks like Dak Prescott will be starting for the Dallas Cowboys next weekend against the Philadelphia Eagles. Tony Romo was scheduled to return to the team he has built a legacy around by October 30th but his team has expressed the idea of Prescott taking the reigns against the teams rival next weekend. Prescott has brought success to the team and the Dallas community has expressed love for the young quarterback.

What happens in Oakland, Doesn’t stay in Oakland.

The owner of the Oakland Raiders, Mark Davis, has been hinting more and more about the franchise moving to Las Vegas. He has refused to speak with Oakland and has been very much for the idea of the move. Davis hopes to have the Raiders playing preseason games in Vegas by 2017.

Cubs down, is this deja vu?

The Chicago Cubs seem to find themselves in a tough position as they face the Los Angeles Dodgers in a critical NLCS game. The Cubs are down 2–1 in the series and face a tough Julious Urais, the dodgers lethal lefty. The Cubs were swept last year in the NLCS by the Mets and hoped to come back in 2016 stronger than ever, their fans are routing against all odds.

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