What is News

Basic news writing is an entirely new way of writing. It is not set up the same way that we are all used to, it is strategic and simple to say the least. News writing is typically written in the ‘ Inverted Pyramid’ structure. This structure is set up to give the viewer what they want first, the most information on the topic. The lead paragraph is where the meat of the story lays, this paragraph is crucial to anyone writing a news article. The Lead paragraph is where a writer is to pull in their viewer and get them the most information that they can. The lead also serves as an ‘invitation’ to the reader or the viewer to continue on into the news story. A lead paragraph answers the basic questions that everyone needs to know; the “who, what, when , and why?”. Although the lead is incredibly crucial, the writer should not jam all of their findings and information into this paragraph. The lead acts as a call to the reader and asks them “ do you want to know about this?” and for most people, they do. The inverted pyramid structure is shaped so that most of the information is in the beginning of the article and it starts to provide less and less information to the viewer as it continues on. take this article on Donal Trump’s tax plan, it gives most of the information that you need to know right off the bat but then starts to go more conversational as the piece goes on.

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