Music, as always, drives the point home for the whole family

by Matt Reinhard

I watched last night’s opening ceremony in Rio with my son Jesse. I loved seeing parkour performed on top of electric favelas. I loved seeing The Girl from Ipanema walk the 400-meter runway. I loved seeing the first-ever Olympic Refugee Team. I loved the pride and originality that exploded from the heart of Maracanã Stadium.

So when it came to the Opening Ceremony equivalent for commercial breaks, one spot actually stopped me in my starting blocks. I watched in awe as it took off in front of me.

Take a look.

“Everything is Awesome” XFINITY

Besides the…

Luis Peña on location at The Geographic North Pole

OKRP’s Chief Creative Officer explores the director’s approach & relentless energy from Haiti to the North Pole

by Matt Reinhard

OKRP recently had the pleasure of working with director Luis Peña for our most recent Own The Experience campaign for Groupon. As “agents in agency,” we’re always on the lookout for talented partners to collaborate with and help in order to tell the most compelling stories. Based in San Francisco, Luis is a positively energetic director/photographer with recent work for Fitbit, MLB, and Canada Goose. …

Exploring Miami’s vibrant street art, installations, cars & more

On a recent trip to Miami, I was quickly reminded of what a visual punch this town packs. Little Havana. The Graffiti Walls of Wynwood. The Art Deco District. North Beach. South Beach. Biscayne Boulevard. The Miccosukee Reservation. Each spot I visited revealed a different side of Miami that I had not expected. Bold, graphic and inspired.

I’ve just discovered a new favorite commercial. It’s titled “A Great Big Universe” and it’s for the new iPad Pro. Apple claims that the new super-sized iPad will “take your creativity and productivity to an epic scale”. I can buy that. The spot itself is made up of colorful, hi-definition intergalactic photography set to the Alabama Shakes track, “Sound & Color”. This audio visual mash-up brings an emotional charge to what is normally a very cold and very dark subject matter. Technology and deep space are humanized with the soft tones of Brittany Howard’s zero-gravity vocals. In the end, the audience gets treated to a delightful soul sonic trip through the heavens. For me, I feel like I’ve just discovered a brand new star.

Matt Reinhard

Founder & Chief Creative Officer, O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul @okrpagency. Design, graphics, photography & #soloparking. West Loop, Chicago.

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