The Night is Dark and Full of Ruby

This week has been a little more time consuming as far as assignments go. However, I think it’s because I’m starting earlier and giving myself more time to work. While I have the energy my perfectionist side kicks in and I don’t stop at “eh, it’s good enough” until pretty late in the evening.

However, while the assignments take longer, they feel easier. I’m not getting as stuck as frequently like during week one. That being said, my list of things I need to review / stop avoiding is growing to an uncomfortable level. This goes back to telling myself “eh, it’s good enough” to the daily lesson and spend the remainder of the night reviewing common issues and other gaps in my knowledge.

This ties in nicely with Why’s Poignant Guide. Had this not been required, I would spent this hour and the rest of the night trying to fix a broken method in my goto app which wasn’t really that important to fix in the first place. Instead, I spent the night reviewing the fundamental and conceptual objects in Ruby. This review brought to light the flexibility of Ruby — namely, the many ways you can express the same idea.

Additionally, I found the discussion on nil pretty insightful. It’s no longer just an indicator that I did something wrong, but now maybe something I can play around with.

Aside from a discussion of specific objects and concepts, I found that reflecting on the reading is a particularly helpful contrast to my brutish approach of learning code by changing a variable and running file.rb a million times until I luck upon the right sequence that works.

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