Everything Is Broken
Quinn Norton

I know I’m (just a little) late in responding to this article, but I saw it referenced in a different article recently and it really resonated with me and got me thinking.

At first I was pretty depressed about the thought that I will never truly be able to write a perfect program with no security vulnerabilities. I’ve always had this feeling in the back of my mind — there will always be something I didn’t account for, and this article really confirmed that thought for me.

But then I realized something: this phenomenon that you present mirrors the way the rest of the world works too. For example, one can build a sturdy house that accounts for nearly everything that can go wrong, but some hurricanes or unpredictable disasters can still demolish it.

Nothing in this world is perfect and everything can be broken, all we can do is limit the vulnerabilities to the best of our knowledge and abilities and build off each mistake.

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