From Chaos Comes Clarity

How Taking One Walk Changed Everything

Business is chaos. Anyone who tells you otherwise is sugar coating the truth or not truly in big business. Business is war, a war over market share — plain and simple. Your contribution to that war, much like a general, is what defines your value to any business. Wars are always won by the side that is willing to go further than the other. Most in business wear a lot of hats in the era of the digital transformation and as a result, it’s easy to lose sight of your overall vision when caught up in your daily work load. On one particular day I was driving home from work thinking about different ways of solving problems I couldn’t figure out. I got home and tried to sit down and work but instead, did something I hadn’t done in weeks. I went for a walk.

I walked around a park with a lake at the center across the street from my home. The path was filled with people of all kinds, it was like an amusement park I was unaware of sitting outside my door the entire time. Suddenly my mind turning over and over shifted from a singular way of thinking to a much larger way of thinking. Ideas began to flood through my mind as I walked, listened to music, and observed the people I passed. I thought about people, the world, the things that made the world work, particularly what we do, and thought big.

It took an hour of being outdoors, and perhaps an epiphany, to get out of my own head and simply witness human interaction to realize the problem wasn’t a technological one. The problem was human in nature and taking a walk past hundreds of strangers did the trick. Working on a 14th floor for 50–60 hours per week doesn’t provide a lot of time to be outdoors or even close to going outdoors. I typically interact with coworkers and senior management and forgot the beauty in nature and mankind. I saw it up, close, and personal on that walk.

During the walk I began solving problems in seconds rather than tossing and turning at night trying to figure it all out. It brought on a sense of relief, I finally knew the way to fix some major issues on my plate. Do you know how I figured it out? I thought more about people. The people who really need Solodev, the agencies and organizations wasting money on big name competitors when they can get a far better product from a lesser known company like us. With that mindset, I approached more granular issues and found a key to many previously locked doors. If you’re spending too much time in doors, try going for a walk every day. It has more value than you might think.

”From Chaos Comes Clarity” — excerpt lyric from the song “From Chaos” written by 311 Members Nick Hexum and S.A. Martinez