How can I get to the Netgear router login page?

In these steps, we are describing how to get into Netgear router login page:-1.Open Mozilla Firefox and navigate to “”. If you get error message then type “” in the address bar and press Enter button. In case, you are unable to connect Netgear router wirelessly then use a wired connection. For establishing a wired connection, take an Ethernet cable and directly connect your computer and the router.

2. Next, you have to enter default login credentials in the appropriate positions. Go to username field and type “admin” in it. After this step, type “password” into the password field box. In case, you are unable to login using default values in Netgear router then you have to restore your Netgear router to the original default settings.

3. In last, click on “OK” and login into Netgear router. Now you can modify settings as per your choice. In case, have any doubt then ask from our experts at Netgear Technical Support Number.

If you are having difficulty logging into Netgear router then connect with Online Netgear Router Helpline Number.

How to troubleshoot Netgear router login errors?

If you are unable to login into Netgear router using default login credentials then reset Netgear router. By resetting, Netgear router will restore to original factory settings. To initiate this process, locate the Reset button and power on your router. Take a paperclip and hold the “Restore Factory Settings” button for 10 seconds. When power lights start blinking, release the button. Now, wait for the router to restart. When the power light will stop blinking and becomes solid green and just repeat the above process. Now you can easily log into your Netgear router. Still unable to login into the router then change your Ethernet cable. Because if the Ethernet cable is torn or frayed then you can’t access the internet. Also, change your computer’s IP address if you are still unable to access the Netgear router’s admin page. Sometimes, by refreshing or renewing your IP address can help establish a connection between your computer and the router. If you cannot log into your Netgear router then disable firewalls and pop-up blockers on your computer. Netgear routers use JavaScript in web interfaces, so firewalls and pop-up blockers can prevent you to access the admin page.

What are the advantages of choosing Netgear Technical Support services?

Whenever you face any technical issue with your Netgear router then immediately pick your phone and dial Online Netgear Router Helpline Number. Our experts are available for round the clock to help users whenever they get trapped into troubled situations. If you have lost the internet access from your Netgear router then you can easily fix this problem by taking help from our technicians at Online Netgear Router Help. The user can also ask for support from Netgear Router Support team by using online chats or through sending emails. For troubleshooting all Netgear router related pitfalls, call right away at Netgear Technical Support Number and obtain online assistance.