London Burger Tour Stop 8: Bleecker Street

So tasty, I’d eaten most of it by the time I remembered to take a picture…

With it starting to get to a rather chilly time of year, we figured we should do Bleecker Street sooner rather than later, since it’s a stall in Smithfields market that offers no respite from the cold of winter. And I hate winter. The bastard.

The menu caused something of a debate (yes, we have debates about this crap, don’t judge us) beforehand: at £7 for a single and £10 for a double, what size burger do we get? It turned out the patties were 5oz a pop — slightly smaller than most places on our hitlist but slightly larger than Five Guys — so we went for singles.

Bleecker is one of the few places we’ve visited that don’t offer brioche buns, but the sesame seeded jobbies work just fine. What’s more, the juicy patties are damn near perfect, and the crisp bacon is the best damn bit of pig we’ve had in any of our visits.

I’d maybe asked for medium next time rather than the medium rare Bleecker cook the patties to as standard, and go for a more filling double, but I’m finding this place hard to fault. But not everyone agrees: while Andy and I dig the Bleecker burgers very much, Mark and Chris aren’t as keen, with particular criticism levelled at the processed cheese — similar to the sort of stuff they use at Five Guys.

A mix bag of scores give Bleecker Street an average of 7.6, but that’s still enough for the place to nab third from Byron Burger.

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