London Burger Tour Stop 7: Hache

Image via Hache Burgers

Unlike Byron, we were all pretty sure Hache had a shot at the top spot. Its menu certainly has some interesting options, but how would the bog standard bacon cheese burger fare?

Unfortunately, it just didn’t blow us away. There was certainly nothing wrong with it: there’s a good quality patty that’s not too greasy and a tasty but not excessive mix of toppings, but it’s just not as good as Meat Liquor or Honest.

The fries are also nothing special: we all agreed they were just like posh-ified McDonalds chips served in one of those ridiculous mini mock frying baskets. Oh, and the service was abysmally slow and inattentive, and one of the waiters became exceptionally moody when we decided this crap service didn’t deserve the charge automatically slapped on the bill. For a table of four. What gives?

Even leaving those last two factors or due to the burger and nothing but the burger rating rules, Hache returned scores of 7.5, 7.5, 7, and 7, giving an average of 7.3. That puts Hache in fourth, comfortably ahead of Five Guys but 0.1pt shy of matching Byron to take third.

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