London Burger Tour Stop 9: Shake Shack

We weren’t expecting Shake Shack to be giving the likes of Meat Liquor and Honest Burger any gip, but at the very least this American import could manage a good, solid burger, right? Apparently not.

The disappointment started early, with a quartet of hastily prepared burgers arriving in the sort of cheap bread rolls you’d buy in a 24 pack from Tesco for a budget-conscious barbecue. We’re used to brioche buns now, so what the hell is this?

They’re not even cut all the way around — instead opened at one end with the ingredients messily stuffed in. The bacon in mine was falling out, and Mark’s beef patty seemed to be disintegrating before he even opened it. Oh, and they got Andy’s order wrong. Helpful.

As with Bleecker and Five Guys the patties aren’t big, giving the same ‘do we double?’ dilemma. In the end we went for singles, a decision we regretted, but only a little — the patties themselves are nothing special. They’re not exceptionally tasty nor well constructed.

On the plus side, the beautifully crisp bacon was probably the best we’ve had so far — better even than Bleecker’s — and the mix of chilli peppers and thousand island sauce in the ‘Smoke Shack’ burgers we opted for gave the sandwiches a uniquely tangy taste.

Those factors weren’t enough to save Shack from a poor rating though, with scores of 6, 6, 5.5 and 5.5 giving an average of 5.75. That puts Shack behind arguably its closest rival — Five Guys — and just ahead of Dirty Burger.

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