The London Burger Tour — An Introduction

As with all good things in life, this all started with a beer-lubricated argument. Craving a greasy post pub-session snack, we ended up in the then-new branch of Five Guys over the road from Kings Cross. Mouth full of a half-masticated blend of bread, minced beef and American cheese, my good friend Mark proceeded to tell me how these burgers were hugely overrated, and way down the pecking order in terms of the best burgers London had to offer.

Very much enjoying this little slice of ‘Murica in our beloved capital, I was quick to defend its delicious, calorific wares, but Mark had a point. I hadn’t sampled any of London’s supposed top burger joints, and out of the four of us, we’d collectively ticked only a few off the list.

So, in our mildly intoxicated wisdom, we decreed that this impulsive pig-out session was stop one of our London Burger Tour. We brave culinary combatants would step forth into the breach, primed to sample the very best burgers the capital has to offer.

Based on ‘London’s best burger’ type articles we found on the Internet plus recommendations from friends/co-workers, we drew up what we thought was a pretty solid list. Rules for qualification were simple: the main focus of the eateries had to be Burgers, and they each needed to be part of a chain. Every time we’d each give a rating out of 10 for the burger and only the burger, divided by four to give an average score. Oh, and as a ‘control’ we’d order a bacon cheeseburger at every stop.

With 11 stops on our hit list — including the already ticked-off Five Guys — it was time to get started. Our tastebuds — and waistlines — were about to change irrevocably…