The L.A. Letters

Dear Reader,

I live in Los Angeles. You know, that city with all the pretty people in it trying to become famous. I’ve been here for over two years and to say it’s been normal would be an understatement. Every day I go out and I see people taking pictures of themselves and I see most of the women around me barely eating because they’re so weight loss obsessed and almost all the men who live here have no idea how to treat any of them and it’s so fascinating and depressing and almost depressing how fascinating it all is. All I know is I don’t want my future daughter one day to be like the people in this city (at least not like the ones who Snapchat everything). But since the weather is about 84% better here than it is in New York, this is home for now. And plus isn’t that picture above pretty? It took me a total of 2 minutes to find that bad boy on google images under “Los Angeles Malibu Sunset.”

I don’t know if you want kids someday. Maybe you don’t or maybe you want like, a dozen of them. But I’ve always wanted a daughter. Don’t ask me why. That’s just always what I’ve seen in my head when I think about the future. Yes, I want to be successful in my job and own 3 cars (one with the license plate name “RoseAny1?”) and yes I want to marry someone who makes me laugh and misses renting movies at Blockbuster but I also would really like a daughter. And the world could always use more brilliant, self-reliant working women. Especially in Hollywood.

Months ago, I created an email account and started sending letters to it. Some letters were longer than others (some were only a few sentences) but they all were about Los Angeles or New York or falling in love or growing up and becoming your own person. On my sadder days out here, they were about heartbreak and lost relationships and yes, even death. The goal was to one day have this email account full of dozens and dozens of letters and stories for a future daughter to read.

I’m writing this to see if you’ll share some of your Los Angeles stories — the good, the bad, and yes, even the basic ones. Try and remember they’re for a teenage girl but by all means be honest and be yourself. They can be about what you love/what frustrates you the most about the city you live in, what it’s like being in your mid-20’s — even your secret favorite food spots. Think of it as a place you can send things to and they will be safe forever. Seriously, I swear on my Bar Mitzvah money.

If you’re funny about it, even better. And if you pass this along to a person who needs to rant about his/her feelings in an email with no one to send it to, than even better.

And please don’t lie about anything. That’s so 2001.

If you feel like it, send to

Thanks for reading.

I hope you only have good things in your life.