Vooza Case Study: AppDynamics

Vooza is a video comic strip about the startup world. This is a case study about a sponsored episode we produced with AppDynamics.

What if you mixed slam poetry with coding? That’s what we set to find out in this sponsored episode of Vooza:

About the sponsor
AppDynamics approached Vooza about making a fun video together. The company’s goal was to create a video on the topic of mobile app performance that would reach as many developers as possible through Vooza and our distribution partners. They also wanted a piece of content they could use for their own customer and prospect lists that went beyond the traditional white paper or webcast.

Script for “Code Poets”

Picking a topic
We began by trading emails and talking on the phone about various options for the video that would both hit their target market of developers and appeal to the rest of Vooza’s audience too. Eventually, we settled on a video about the similarities between coding and writing poetry. This came about after seeing a few blog posts from programmers on the topic. (We always dig working from ideas based on the reality of the startup world.)

We decided having two of Vooza’s developers position themselves as “code poets” would be a fun angle. Add in some pretentious slam poetry and a lot of attitude and we knew we had a fun direction.

The process
Before we go further, here’s a quick overview of how we work with clients:

  1. Research — define goals/audience/etc.
  2. Brainstorm — come up with treatment idea(s) (signoff from client completes this step)
  3. Script
  4. Script revisions (if needed) (signoff from client completes this step)
  5. Storyboards
  6. Shoot
  7. Editing (signoff from client completes this step)
  8. Final delivery
  9. Publish video

Writing the script
Once AppDynamics signed off on the concept, we had our writing team get to work on a script. We decided to combine mockumentary-style interviews along with scenes from a code poetry slam. And we collaborated with AppDynamics to make sure the plug for their service was on point too. We’re big on collaborating and communicating with clients. Each step of the way we get sign off so there aren’t any unwelcome surprises.

One of the poems used in the video.

Shoot day
Once the script was approved, it was time to shoot. Our director storyboards the episode and we shoot it at our set in New York City. (Clients are welcome to attend the shoot btw.)

We always try to film what’s scripted but we also like to leave plenty of room for our talented and funny actors (all of whom are comedians too) to improvise. A lot of the funniest stuff we get come from riffs that were never scripted.

Behind the scenes at a Vooza shoot.

Once the shoot was done, our editor got to work on putting together a rough cut. We showed it to the client and they were happy with the first edit. Sometimes we’ll go back and forth a few times in order to tweak certain elements. We always want to make sure the client is happy with the finished version.

Launching the video
Once the edit was done, we went ahead and published the video at Vooza.com (including a link to AppDynamics in the caption and at the end of the video). We also posted it at other sites that host our videos (AOL, Amazon, YouTube, The Next Web, etc.).

The episode at Vooza.com along with a plug for AppDynamics in the caption.

And we promoted it to our email, Twitter, and Facebook followers too.

We promote the video to our Facebook, Twitter, and email followers.

AppDynamics runs with it
Clients are also free to use sponsored episodes at their own site, YouTube channel, and anywhere else. Here’s the blog post where AppDynamics published the video…

AppDynamics publishes the video at its blog.

…and here’s AppDynamics posting the video to the company’s Twitter followers…

AppDynamics also publishes the video at its Twitter feed and on YouTube.

Vooza videos are syndicated at AOL…

It’s a hit!
The feedback started coming in right away and people loved the video. People started sharing it on social media while saying things like “Brought tears to my eyes” and “Awesome job!” It was an especially big hit at AOL where it received over 700,000 views.

Over 700,000 views at AOL!

Happy client
AppDynamics was thrilled with the final video and the ensuing buzz. Kevin Goldberg of AppDynamics said:

“Vooza helped inject humor into our video marketing, which was completely on point and relevant to our tech audience. When we were first presented the script we instantly knew this would be a great addition to our content arsenal — it was hilarious! Couldn’t be happier with the final product either, a big hit both internally and externally.”

We’re now working with them on a new video. Huzzah!

Some other notes
If you want to work together on a video, shoot us an email at info[at]vooza.com. We’re happy to walk you through the options.

Also worth noting: We do custom-made videos too. This is for folks that want a funny video but don’t need it to be a Vooza episode or appear at the Vooza site. We’ll still use Vooza’s team of writers/directors/editors so you get the same cool and funny vibe that Vooza’s known for (or we can go serious). This approach lets us do more of a deep dive on your product, bring in different actors, create internal or explainer videos, or something else. You’ll be responsible for getting eyeballs on it though.

Some more info on working with Vooza:

The typical turnaround time for a video is 10–14 weeks from signup. We can do rush jobs for an additional fee.

Want someone from your company featured in a Vooza video? We can include a a cameo appearance for you in the video for an additional fee.

Want guaranteed views? Additional targeted views available through our distribution partners (Facebook, TNW, AOL, etc.) for, you guessed it, an additional fee.

Contact info[at]vooza.com for more details. We always enjoy talking to prospective clients and seeing if there’s a solid fit. Let’s make some magic happen together!

Big love for the sponsored episode at Twitter!
More love at Twitter.

Want to make a fun video with Vooza? Send an email to info[at]vooza.com to learn more.