An Easy Ways To Make Money With A Youtube Video !

Yes I know you have heard all these promised and got junk…but here I have some really useful tips.

Youtube is the 3rd most visited website with over 14.9 billion impression a month and the second most used search engine after only google and well above bing and yahoo…

Youtube is worth $40 billion and as you have probably guessed, there is tons of money in youtube. So in this quick article, I will discuss 4 easy ways to make money and I will start with the easiest one.

You guys know google is worth 10s of billions of dollars and has a revenue of over a billion dollar. But have you ever thought how youtube makes it’s billions ?

I mean youtube is free, right ?

Then how ?

The truth is…do you remember that 3 video we have to watch before we can watch the video that we want to watch…You know what that black skip button and all.

Yes, companies like coca cola to individual marketers spend as low as $10 bucks a day to even as much as 10s of thousand dollars everyday for their videos to come up on those and other formated ads.

So one easy way to make money online with youtube is by creating a video and letting those 3 sec ads come up when some watch your video

If you have worked with google, then you know for sure that they are like crazy serious with their rules and guys don’t even think of scamming them by creating fake views and stuffs…

Seriously they are paying 10s of thousand dollars for people to catch scammer and suspend their account instantly without even a warning.

Let me give you 2 tips to get more views on your youtube video

1- Make sure your youtube video is on a niche which gets watched well or is in a demand. One way to find out is search for a possible niche keyword on youtube and see how well the videos are doing…

Don’t look how well the top 10 video is doing…instead check out how many people viewed 11th-20th video.And if you can find a niche and a keyword with a 3 figure view 11th-20th ranked video, then you have not only a niche ut also a keyword worth your effort.

Better niche and keywords can increase your video’s reach and better and compelling title and descripton can exponentially increase the number of views = more ad watch = more cash per video

2- The next tips is all about making the most with your video’s current reach by improving click through rate.

One simple way to improve CTR is by making sure your video’s title is relevant to the niche, keyword and benefit.

for example…if the keyword is “how to lose weight” A good title would be This is how to lose weight blah blah

Second thing you need to focus on your title is make sure it explains that your solution either solves that particular issue easily or faster.

Like This is how to lose weight effortlessly

And finally make sure you are explaining how easy or fast it is by using relevant scenario or example…

Like — This is how to lose weight effortlessly with 20 min workouts

Seriously that 3rd example is gonna work really well because, it congruent, it is more of a solution and it is an easier solution

A bonus tip — Also check out this blog post on power words which are more persuasive.

3- Now that you have a better reach and ctr improve your video views by getting the video viewers to share your video with their social friends…either word of mouth or preferably social sharing.

This has 2 main benefits

  1. More traffic and there is a huge chance to get that viral traffic.

2. More social share means people like your video.And search engines like google will start to trust you with their 20 billion impressions by slowley ranking your video

And believe it or not but you can make some crazy high retention view which is again another major signal for google and friends to rank your videos…

And how to do it ?

Find a problem of someone who would be interested in your video and just give them a genuinely useful solution. It does not have to be anything complicated.

Just google for like 20 minutes and find something useful that they can apply and just make a quick video.

Make sure your video sound and picture is of good quality. You can use this screencapture software if you want.

Make it short under 6–7 mins

Only deliver one point but it should be definitive. Not like if you want to know more then buy this kind fo stuff…but rather even if you have something to sell, make sure you have delivered one point completely without any lose ends in such way that they can literally pause the video and apply your strategy right now…

Make sure you are talking in an interesting way and it’s ok infact it’s more natural if you make some light mistakes !

And most importantly your video must be cool…your viewers must feel like sharing this video is going to make them look cool…

Which is one of the main reason why we share stuffs on facebook yeah ? think about that ?

4- Finally it’s gpnna be cool if you have blog to recommend your video viewers. This way you are gonna look like an author means more credibility plus more ways to pass value and you can even sell stuffs relevant to the video like even a course on your blog.

Also you can use this free service to get your youtube viewers to share your video no matter what…Check it out

The above will only work if you have done the above 3 things I shared in this article and you can even get some one to share your video and content in multiple social websites.

So follow all those 4 steps and make more money not only from youtube ad network called adsense but also by selling stuffs on your website and adding adsense ad on your blog as well…

That’s right, ad adverts on your blog and make even more income

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