Writing log: 10/11/2016

Read: About 50 pages of The Fifth Season. Amazing stuff. A must-read if you like fantasy/sci-fi. Almost to the end now.

Wrote: Wrote for about a half hour. Hard to write on weekdays as I work and the commute is about 2 hours each way. I need to be asleep not long after I get home so I can be up early enough to get the train. The second draft is progressing better content-wise than the first draft, I think. There’s still sooooooooo much ground to cover in a third draft though (I end up-rereading or at least re-scanning the previous few chapters before I start writing for the day which is probably a bad habit). I think I’m getting a better sense of the characters though and what I want their journey to be. I’d like to think I’m going in the right direction but that’s usually when the floor falls out from under you, so I won’t think that.