Writing log: 9/30/2016

Read: Zero today. Strangely, I manage to read a lot more on work days than on my days off. My commute is approximately 2 hours each way. A lot of that is in a train, which guarantees time for lots of reading. On my days off I’m usually doing bullshit errands or chores or whatever (I also use free time on days off to write more since I can just read a lot on work days).

I’m still reading The Fifth Season. More than halfway through now. It’s slowed down a bit but one of the previous chapters was unbelievably suspenseful to the point where I almost didn’t want to continue reading because I was so pumped up; I wanted to hold onto that feeling. Feeling that way can be inspiring, you hope you can make someone else feel that with your writing one day.

Wrote: Wrote for a little under an hour this morning. My car has a flat tire so I couldn’t make it out to the library, where I can get way more done because there are no distractions.

I added some OK material. Stuff that’s better than the first draft, at least. I keep getting frustrated at how long this is going to take. Looking back at the writing I did this morning, there is decent stuff but most of it needs further work. They say Rome wasn’t built in a day but sometimes it feels more like building an entire civilization rather than just a city. When I look at books like The Fifth Season that are so rich, complex, and great and then think about how it’s taking me so long and I’m encountering hurdles on something that’s not even 1/32nd the scope it get a little discouraging.

Still, I realize that if I don’t write this and if I don’t say what I’m trying to say with this ‘novel’ I’ll ultimately go fucking insane. So I’ll keep writing heh.

Thanks for reading.

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