“Have goals so big your problems are pale in comparison.”

And other things I learnt from interviewing 38 online entrepreneurs.

I recently interviewed 38 inspiring online entrepreneurs about motivation and goal setting.
I realised that we all have some goals to achieve, and a desire to make our lives better. But though some people stick to their goals, others just can’t find the will to pursue their own objectives.

To understand what those that are achieving their goals do differently and to spot patterns to action working on my own goals, I interviewed 38 online entrepreneurs and asked:

“How do you stay motivated when working on your goals?”

From Chris Guillebeau, bestselling author who travelled 193 countries, to clean-energy-from-space entrepreneur Peter Sage, their stories and achievements are different, but their advice can be applied to any goal.

Ready? Let’s have a look at my favourite quotes and lessons.

Here are my favourite five:

Have goals so big your problems are pale in comparison — this has never let me down. When I am consumed by problems and annoyances I know my goals are not big enough. [click to tweet]
Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone stresses the importance of setting goals that won’t bore you: be bold and stretch yourself. You’ll love the challenge, grow, and adapt along the way.

“I don’t try to “stay motivated” — I do what I’m motivated about in the first place. Trust me, it’s much easier.” [click to tweet]
– Chris Guillebeau (Author of Born For This & The $100 Startup)

This one connects with the exercise above: make sure you’re working on the right goals, or you risk finding yourself even further away from your goals.

I focus on my vision and think about the legacy I want to leave behind. My vision is more powerful than my excuses. [click to tweet]
Lewis Howes, The School of Greatness

I love this one by Lewis Howes: and the lesson here is to think long term and make sure you include other people in your goals. I find this so powerful: whenever I think about how other people are touched by my work and my goals, it’s easier for me to gain motivation again.

The way to “stay” motivated when working towards a goal is to “start” motivated everyday, by creating a morning ritual that is dedicated to you becoming the person you need to be to easily and consistently achieve your goals. [click to tweet]
Hal Elrod, The Miracle Morning

Starting in the morning is something I love: it just sets your day for success. If you think you can never become a morning person, here’s me proving you wrong.

I think you have to give yourself little wins. Instead of worrying about writing a whole chapter, I’ll shoot for just 500 words or so, and when I finish that, I can celebrate a win. Bribe yourself with little celebrations along the way. [click to tweet]
– Jeff Goins

Small wins are so important to stay motivated and keep that momentum going.
If the goal is too big, you will not be able to see results fast enough, and you will give up. This is why I like to celebrate my small wins using my Jar of Awesome and journaling practice.

If you want to read all the 38 quotes, you can head over to the roundup post here:

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What’s your favourite quote? Let me know in the comments.

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