There’s a lot of mention of the research you did for this piece.
Matthew Wayne Selznick

Don Jefe — I ask for sources because it’s generally accepted practice that the person making the argument is responsible for supporting it / proving it / backing it up.

Postscript: Don Jefe replied, and then blocked me, making it impossible to respond directly and hiding his response from my thread. Since it’s a comment on my thread, I believe I get to control the discussion. It’s my house, as it were. So, here’s what he wrote:

No you asked for sources because you are a white guy and that is one of your favorite derailing tacting dbag thanks for playing your sick games but I’m not going to

And just like that, Medium feels like the comments section of a YouTube video!

Anyway, Don Jefe seems to want to be done with our discourse. Sounds good. I hope he — and everyone else — votes!