BTCClicks: Another Waste of Time?

Matt Scultz
Oct 6 · 11 min read

What is BTCClicks and how to profit off them.

How Does BTCClicks Work?

Surf Ads Page

Let’s watch the second ad:

Ad on BTC Clicks
Payment Notification

Does BTCClicks Worth your Time?

BTCclicks Commission and Referral Program

Standard BTCclicks payout

BTCClicks Referral Program

The good thing about BTCclicks

14 Ways to Make Profit Using Bitcoin in 2019

1. Mining BTC

2. Making Money Using Faucets

3. Micro Jobs

4. Bitcoin Marketing

5. Make Money Simply by Helping People!

6. Keeping a Digital Wallet

7. Be a Part of The Bitcoin Forums

8. If nothing Else Works, Trade!

9. Gambling Bitcoin

10. Need to Borrow or Lend? Bitcoin Has Got You Covered!

11. Bitcoin Binary Trading

12. Using Cryptocurrency As a Means of Payment

13. Using Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

14. Masternode

Matt Scultz

Written by

Hi there people! I started blogging about cryptocurrency a few years ago shortly after bitcoin was my main source of income.

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