BTCClicks: Another Waste of Time?

This is not just another BTCClicks review, here you will get to learn about the easiest ways to profit in the Bitcoin world.

What is BTCClicks and how to profit off them.

BTCClicks has nothing to do with investing or trading. It only requires dedication and a lot of your time. Most of us already know about PTC ( paid to click) websites which you can visit to get paid in *milliBitcoins.

It has attracted varying opinions from PTC websites users. As it is originated from Panama, the creators behind it are not known by anyone and it is often argued that BTCClicks is nothing but a scam. It has no information regarding its origin, purpose or contact details. It doesn’t matter if BTCClicks is a scam or not, it’s impossible to earn bitcoins on this platform. Let me show you why:

How Does BTCClicks Work?

The idea behind paid to click websites is to cash in viewers so that revenue can be generated through the online market. Therefore PTC websites act as the mediators between the consumer and the producer of the online content. The producer pays to have the advertisement up there and some part of that money is given to the viewer for watching it. It sounds easy but it requires so much time which is the only reason people refrain from it.

It is relatively a simple process though. After signing up, all you have to do is click and view the online content for the required period of time. Most of the time there is a complete list of the advertisement you can watch and for what time and the amount it will pay off.

The sad part with BTCclick is that you you are going for fractions of a milliBitcoin. So invest your time wisely by making the right choice. You need to keep watching the ads and the only matter of concern is when you run out of them.

Now let’s to some simple math. This is how the surf ads page looks like, this is the place you get to pick the offers. At the time I took the screenshot there were only 11 offers available paying from 0.00003 mBTC to 0.00005 mBTC. Remember that 0.00003 mBTC is 0.00000003 BTC. At the moment I’m writing this review 0.00000003 BTC is no more than 0.00024 USD. I don’t know about you but 30 seconds of my time worth a lot more.

Surf Ads Page

The best part is you can do other stuff while the ad is on so technically you are under no obligation to watch it. You could be watching a movie or doing other freelance work to save up on your time. That could work if they had a bunch of offers to choose from and the payment to be a lot bigger.

Let’s watch the second ad:

Ad on BTC Clicks

There is a timer you can keep track of to know when it will end. (UP — LEFT near the BTCClicks logo)

To fish out the scammers so they don’t infiltrate as bots, there is an added layer to the process of proving that you are a real person. You must know about it, it exists outside the bitcoin world too.


After solving the captcha, the money will be added to your BTCclicks account. This is again an easy way to make money but a you may get exhausted because its constant repetition.

Payment Notification

Does BTCClicks Worth your Time?

It does not cost anything to be a part of it and that must have to do with the fact that it does not give many returns. You can join for free and view the advertisements but is it really worth your time? Time is the greatest asset in anyone life. You can use it to be doing something extremely creative and once you decide to spend it without much thought, it is gone forever.

So you have to decide very carefully if it is really worth your time because you could be spending that time learning a new skill or spending time with your family. You are literally going after pennies and not doing anything productive or constructive in the process. Unless you are bored out of your mind or are actually into viewing any kind of advertisements that come your way, there are better things to do out there and better ways to make money online.

BTCclicks Commission and Referral Program

Lets explain the relevance of it through money since it is all it’s about. As we all know, millibitcoins are of no relevance until they are withdrawn. The least withdrawal is 0.1 mBTC (0.0001 BTC) which has a 1.5% fee. So in the actual world, you will be earning $0.8. So it all depends on the rise and fall of the value of bitcoin. For all we know you could even be earning in cents if things go south and that would be shameful in the 21st century.

Not to mention the mind numbing advertisements you have to go through in the process. And since there is a minimum limit to the withdrawal, you will have a long way to go before you can cash out that dollar. Could be one year. Not only that, imagine the captcha thing you will have to go through every time you click to watch.

Standard BTCclicks payout

To really make sure you know what is going on here, let us do some math. Lets divide the minimum payout which is 0.1 the payout for each ad which is .00003. This will get us the number of Ads to be viewed which is 3,333. Minimum viewing is 10 seconds for the clip and if you take that into the math, it will cost you 33,333 seconds of your life which is equals to 9.25 hours. Imagine doing something for nine hours just to earn $0.8. Oh and don’t forget to subtract the 1.5% withdrawal fee.

BTCClicks Referral Program

The best way to make money from these websites is by passing on traffic which can get you commission. This is a lot harder than it sounds. Usually 80% commission is received when it comes to passing on referrals. This is .00002 mBTC according to the standards. Sparing you the math, if you can get 10 referrals to watch 500 Ads each, you will be getting a buck fifty. It sounds great but the number of clicks you need to get is very high so unless you are someone with insane levels of online marketing experience, don’t go for it.

The good thing about BTCclicks

With all that math, you must be wondering if there is anything positive coming from this. And good for you, there is! There are very little chances of earning a good amount of money here, but you might be among the lucky ones! And if you have multi-tasking skills and a smart way of going about things, you might be able to figure a way out of this.

You never know how things turn out. With time, Bitcoin’s value might reach to about million-dollar value. This means every mBTC that you withdraw will hold value of $1000 in real life. But there is as much a chance of failure of Bitcoin considering in the absence of any centralized management, there are no promises of success.

Last but not the least, we cannot ignore the fact that the pay is ridiculous for the crazy amount of time it takes to do the task. If you are someone who really wants to make money online, there are much better ways to spend your time.

14 Ways to Make Profit Using Bitcoin in 2019

1. Mining BTC

We all are pretty much used to paper money regulating around. Here, it works a bit differently. Bitcoin makes use of ‘miners’ and dedicated software which solves algorithms to issue the bitcoins. It is an easy process and at the start people were able to make huge sums of money by not even leaving their homes.

But with fame comes competition and with time, it got a little harder to cash money using bitcoin. People would buy hi-tech computers which cost a lot to mine complex algorithms. To make things easier, miners decided to create teams to join their processing power. The reward is then divided among the team members.

Because of the competitiveness in the market, it is not as profitable as it once was therefore its price matters a lot in determining its upcoming potential. If the price increases any further, the process may remain and if the price decreases, the users may disappear. To sum it all up, it all depends on your capability to keep a check on the market conditions and predict upcoming amendments wisely.

2. Making Money Using Faucets

If solving algorithms is too hardcore for you, you can also earn some revenue on the side by answering surveys and watching advertisements. There are many websites which join hands with Bitcoin for the sake of their publicity. You can easily come across various trendy faucet websites.

3. Micro Jobs

There are many markets by which you get paid in bitcoins to finish small tasks such as answering surveys and watching videos. A market giant is Bitcoinget which can easily get you about 20,000 satoshis for every job completed.

4. Bitcoin Marketing

If all of the things above seem too over the top to you, we have a good news for you. You can easily generate good amounts of money just by writing about bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is a good topic to write on and is not explored by many. There are websites such as Blockchain Aliens, CCN, and Upwork which will benefit you a lot as a writer.

5. Make Money Simply by Helping People!

To get rid of the idea of bitcoin being a money generating giant who would create exclusions in the market, many people have created platforms which help spread this money to the rest of the community. One of these platforms is Bitfortip. If you are into helping people and want to make some cash on the side, this is the best for you.

6. Keeping a Digital Wallet

The one thing you cannot miss out on is making a wallet online to hold your bitcoin money. There are multiple platforms available for this such as Paxful which gives you one for free once you make an account there. If you simply want to invest and be involved in trading, you must be very good at market speculation. A lot of people hold their coins in hope that their value will increase in the future in the cryptocurrency world.

7. Be a Part of The Bitcoin Forums

This is just like blogging. If you make a post on a forum and if it gets popular, you will be earning a lot for every view you get. You can also earn simply by being an active member. This way your posts will contain a specific signature which will get you sponsors.

8. If nothing Else Works, Trade!

If you go for this, you probably do a lot of trading in real life too because it requires some skills including observation and check and balance. This will involve you purchasing bitcoins when they are at a low price and putting them back out in the market by artificially increasing their price. This involves a lot of risk so make sure you do your research before jumping into this!

9. Gambling Bitcoin

Last not but the least, you can gamble bitcoins. This is not advisable as everyone knows it involves huge amount of risk undertaken by the gambler so go for this on your own risk. But if luck is on your side, you will earn crazy amounts. You can even get huge bonuses just for being a part of it.

Hope you have enough knowledge about earning in bitcoins now. Now is the perfect time to learn about arbitrage. This is the concurrent trade of currency in diverse markets to take benefit of the fluctuating prices for the same asset. This is a perfect condition for a volatile market such as bitcoin. If you are a good speculator, you can easily make a good amount of money through this. If you are a tech person, you can also use bots.

10. Need to Borrow or Lend? Bitcoin Has Got You Covered!

You will not need any validation in the process because of the absence of any authorities. All you have to do is hook up with possible loanees at an interest rate which is agreeable by you both. Make sure whatever platform you choose is trustworthy and you don’t end up getting looted.

11. Bitcoin Binary Trading

Binary trading is an active part of the real world and make for a good element in the bitcoin world too. In this, the trader buys an option and at its ending time, the trader either is either in the game or out of it. It is not far from gambling. It is highly risky but again a good and simple way to earn money through bitcoin.

12. Using Cryptocurrency As a Means of Payment

You can easily use cryptocurrency like you use currency in the real world which means you can buy and sell goods using it. In fact it is better because it is not restrictive like banks or other authorities who make you go through multiple procedures to make a purchase. This gives you a lot of freedom as a buyer or seller.

13. Using Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

This kind of marketing comes in handy when you know how the sales work. You just need a lot of commerce knowledge to be a part of this so you can handle clients and organizations who are willing to invest for the marketing of their product. Once you are recognized as a marketer, you will get a link to the product or service that has to be marketed. This you can share further on multiple platforms. Then every time someone would visit that link, the money will go into your account. That is called affiliate fee.

14. Masternode

There are many cryptocurrencies out there and bitcoin is used as a unifying element for them. You can become a bitcoin master node. This involves getting rewarded for your contribution to the blockchain. You will have multiple tasks to do in this such as validating and announcing applicable transactions to other nodes, guarantying effective trading etc. For this you have platforms like Dash, PIVX, Blocknet, Stakenet and Zcoin. These will lend you the best incentives.

Last but not the least we have a few tips to leave you with which will help you earn some cash on the side and also keep you safe in the bitcoin world. Because of the immense amount of money available in the digital world, you must be very careful in dealing matters. You must keep a digital wallet and enable your Google 2FA.

Another thing that helps is backing up your device and making sure your antivirus software is up and running. As you are dealing with digital currency, there are more threats in forms of viruses waiting for you than there are out there in the real world. If you stay alert, you will not be fish to the money leeching giants. You must know the risks that come with everything that you do because nothing comes for free in the Bitcoin world.

Hi there people! I started blogging about cryptocurrency a few years ago shortly after bitcoin was my main source of income.